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Tattoo Removal - Scinn Medical Centre


    Medical Grade Laser That Targets Tattoo Pigments Deep Beneath the Skin Layers
    Safe, Effective & Non-Surgical Procedures
    ✓ Works Best for Dark Coloured Tattoos
    Clinically Tested & Proven Results

Remove Unwanted Tattoos & Get a Fresh Start Now!

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    Unique Value Propositions

    As Featured In


    Unique Value Propositions

    How It Works

    Step 1

    Tattoo ink particles were introduced deep into the skin during the tattooing process and many of these ink particles are larger than the white blood cells, which prevent it from escorting them to the liver for processing and excretion. This explains why newly inked tattoos fade over time but will never completely disappear.

    Step 2

    We utilized the latest tattoo removal procedure to penetrate and break down these ink pigments into smaller particles in your skin.

    Step 3

    Your white blood cells will absorb these ink particles and escort them to the liver and be purged out from your body naturally.

    Step 4

    Some of the tattoo ink pigments are now removed. Multiple treatment sessions are required to remove it completely, depending on the area surface and individual’s condition.

    *Individual Treatment Results May Vary

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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