Square Jaw Reduction with Botox
Square Jaw Reduction with Botox


Price from $499 NETT

Price from

$499 NETT

    ✓ Reduce Width of Squarish Jawline
    ✓ Effective Face Contouring Solution
    Non-Surgical and No Downtime

Achieve A Slim Looking Face Now!

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Unique Value Propositions

As Featured In


Unique Value Propositions

How It Works

Square Jaw Reduction Step 2
Step 1

Many Asians tend to have a wide or slightly rectangular shaped face with broad squarish jawlines which make their faces look bigger than they like.

Step 2

Our non-surgical square jaw reduction treatment injects Botox into your jawline to relax the muscles and cause the jawline to shrink over the next few weeks.

Step 3

Your face is slimmer now with an overall reduction in the width of the jawline, achieving a more refined contour for your face.

*Individual Treatment Results May Vary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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