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Hiko nose thread lift

We want to have her Alexander McQueen’s outfits. Above all, we want that same nose as the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s perfect!



The Asian nose is generally short (a low bridge), bulbous at the tip, and has a lot of cartilage and fat, resulting in a flat facial profile. And, it doesn’t help that our brains are hardwired that when we see a person’s nose, we understand which league the nose belongs to  – Kate Middleton or Bulbous Onion. It is one of the most recognizable, most important features of our face. It is not uncommon to hear our peers whining about theirs that are either too flat, too big, too round or, in the extreme, hideous.

The quest for the elusive perfect nose has been ongoing for decades, according to Dr Omar Ahmed. 

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology


According to a clinical study the ideal elevation of the nose is the columella labial angle of 95 to 125 degrees in women , and 90 to 100 degrees in men. Therefore, the female ideal nose is more raised than the male nose.

The flat, low bridge of a lot of Asian noses creates a weak profile where the nose looks too short relative to the tip. This lack of height on the bridge creates an awkward profile on the front view.

Asian noses have a short bridge which results in poor definition on the face. The flat bridge does not create the shadows that outline the sidewalls of the nose. 


Modern solutions and technology have made it possible for us to perform non-surgical nose reshaping, which in the past could only be done by rhinoplasty. Nowadays, aesthetic doctors are equipped with several tools that allow them to perform non-surgical nose augmentation.

There are 3 methods for enhancing the nose bridge and tip:

1. Non invasive nose augmentation using fillers

2. Non surgical nose augmentation with suture threads

3. Surgical nose augmentation using cartilage grafts

When just a small amount of augmentation is required, injections can be effective. However,  the result is temporary and carries some risks such as  injecting the fillers into blood vessels that may damage nasal tissues. Nose filler also carries a small risk of blindness. There was a high risk of injection in the glabella, nasal region, forehead, and nasolabial fold. It is possible for the tip of the needle to penetrate the vessel, with excessive pressure being applied to the plunger that leads to the migration of HA into the closer arterial network in cases where when injecting. Blindness occurs when the artery that supplies oxygen to the retina is blocked as a result of filler migration. Eventual embolisation into the central retinal artery will deprive the retina of oxygen and lead to blindness.


The thread lift procedure is increasingly popular in Singapore and other Asian countries because it offers several advantages over Nose Fillers to enhance Asian noses:

1. Definition of the nose bridge that’s natural looking

2. Refines the nose tip to make it appear slender

3. It straightens the nose bridge to make the profile of the nose appear straighter

4. Enhances the appearance of the nose by further defining the tip

5. Result last up to 18 months

Furthermore, a nose thread lift cost lower and requires less downtime than dermal fillers and rhinoplasty, which are associated with allergic reactions, lump formation, vascular complications.


You can increase the height of your nose bridge and add definition to your nose and nose tip without invasive nose implants with the HIKO Nose Thread Lift that is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure with little or no downtime. In over 15 years, South Korea brought us HIKO Nose Thread Lift. It is made up of the two Korean words Hi which means “high” and Ko which means “nose”. Thus, Hiko is literally translated as “to raise the nose”.


HIKO nose threads, that are short (3.8cm to 7cm), absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) threads,  are inserted into designated planes of the nose and columella that will provide volume, height and definition to those areas along the nose bridge or tip. You can reshape their nose with this non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure to achieve the ideal height, shape, and definition. Clinical study has shown that these threads are biocompatible and can be absorbed into the body via the lymphatic system. As the threads dissolve overtime,tissue fibroblasts and collagen are stimulated in the process. Thus, resulting in the elevation of the nose bridge and tip and acts as a scaffolding to support the nose contour. 


no downtime

Bruising, swelling, and redness are possible immediately after the treatment. It is not a cause for concern, however, as they should disappear within a few hours. After HIKO nose thread lift treatment, there is little or no downtime. You can resume normal activities as soon as the swelling and pain are controlled. In fact, many have undergone the procedure during their break time at work, and then return to work immediately thereafter. Hence the term “lunchtime nose job”.



The HIKO nose thread lift’s result is immediately noticeable. Typically, full results can be seen between one and two months after the nose augmentation procedure when the collagen stimulation is fully in effect. However, one of the common concerns amongst patients is achieving satisfactory results. 

Factors contributing to the results include:

1. An insufficient number of nose threads was used

2. Wrong placement of thread

3. Wrong choice of threads. As every nose is unique, an experienced doctor would know to decide the right thickness and length of thread to be used.

4. Wrong type of nose threads used. Short, thin threads do not give a good result. Threads that are too thick may leave a scar at the injection point too. To achieve maximum lifting effect, it is important to choose the right threads and the right cogs. 


Price isn’t everything, especially when nose augmentation is so much more than a simple procedure. It is a procedure where skills and experience make all the difference.

Make finding the right doctor your priority. You will want the result of your nose thread lift to be natural looking. 

Speak to our doctor to find out more about HIKO Nose Thread Lift by fixing an appointment for a personalised consultation to understand what is best for you.





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